I’m Hannah. I draw and write. I’m from Britain and I used to make art and teach art fulltime, before I became ill with depression a few years ago. While recovering I started gardening and it set me on a path of learning how to live and work with the land. Since then I’ve done a permaculture course, worked as a herb grower and wwoofed in some great places. I still make pictures but in a freer way now. I am trying to live in a way that is good for me and people around me, which is very much an ongoing experiment with variable success, and includes eating good food, practicing yoga and mindfulness.
Johann, my boyfriend, is from Iceland, and if you ask him about a job, he’s probably done it. Building, cooking, sheep farming, horse-training, film-making, photography…the list goes on. He is the master chef and the master of calm. We met volunteering in a refugee camp in France (story for another day) and have travelled together since.

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the plan!
We share a vague dream of starting a farm one day somewhere warm, growing food and being a place where people can come and stay, learn some things, do some yoga, eat homegrown organic food and find wellbeing. Grand schemes of veg boxes, community involvement, and therapeutic gardening float around my head…but first we need to learn more about farming and food, and find a place to do it, so we plan to buy a van, convert it to a living space, and travel through Europe learning and growing in different farms. Currently we are at the stage of saving money for that grand tour, as our last round of volunteering left us pretty broke. We moved to Iceland, in March 2017 and we’re working full-time and trying to live cheaply.

the blog
This blog will be a space for us to share stories of our journey, with friends, family, and other interested humans. I have always enjoyed writing, drawing and telling stories and decided it’s time to start a creative outlet to explore and practice it. Johann takes photographs, or at least he will when we fix our camera! It may come to include words and pictures about food, farming, travel, yoga, mindfulness.