Welcome to being and seeing. This blog will be a place to share travel tales, food stories, and the record of a journey trying to live in a way that’s good for ourselves, for other people and for the planet. There will be words, drawings, photographs. I hope there will also be recipes, discussions, and maybe even advice and how to’s, learnt from mistakes I’m sure we’ll make along the way. I would like to develop an honest and thoughtful space here, that documents exploring and sometimes falling, but always carrying on.

For those who don’t know us already, I’m Hannah, I’m 26, I’m an artist/gardener/wanderer from the outskirts of London and as of March 2017 I live in Iceland with my boyfriend Johann. You can read a bit more about us and our plan in the ‘about’ section, but here’s a taster.

We start in Iceland. On April 1st, we move to Reykjavik. Over the next six months, we will work and save whilst I explore and get to know this elven land for the first time. After that, we hope to buy a van and convert it to a home so we can travel across Europe. We want to volunteer and learn at different farms in the hope that we can, one day soon, set up our own place. So while the content of this blog over the next few months will lean heavily on topics such as cold, mountains, cold, pastries, and the cold, hopefully it should grow to encompass nerdy van build and tech, food growing techniques in different places, and travel adventures.

Thanks for reading. Follow along if you’d like, and please share your thoughts and any questions in the comments below. Do leave links to your blog to if you have one, I’d like to read!





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